A simple guide to understanding and unlocking the power of DARS.

How do I register and what are the benefits?

You can register on the DARS login page. It offers you the option to login if you are already registered, to continue as a guest without registering or to sign up and register.

You just need your name, email and password. By registering you get to use our “Boards” function to create and manage projects, compile the clips and segments you want to consider for your projects and you can annotate, comment and share your selection with other registered users if you work jointly on a project for example. You will also only be able to use the basket and request a licence or make an enquiry, if you are a registered user.

Registering on DARS is free.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password via the profile button in DARS. Once you are logged in, you see the profile button on the top right corner of the start page or in the top right corner of the navigation bar.

Just click on the profile icon and select “Change Password” from the pop-up menu.

My login does not work

You will receive a confirmation email as soon as your login request has been processed and authorized. Generally, this process should happen on the same day, usually in a matter of hours. If you need urgent access, please contact our team.

Once the account is setup, you can access DARS directly.

Browse Content in Categories

We have organized content in multiple dimensions to give you the best navigation experience and help you find and explore all of the content we hold.

Content is assigned to categories which allow you to go through a traditional folder-like hierarchical view arranged by topics.

Latest additions

The latest content additions are shown on the bottom of the start page. If you would like more to be displayed, please click on “More…” to see a list of the top 100 recent clips.

Note: The thumbnails are footage from NASA’s copyright free library for test purposes. NASA is not a DARS or Memnon client and does not endorse any of its services.

Quick Search Bars

You can search for content by just using the search bar on the start page or the search field on the main navigation bar. Just type in the search term and press enter.

"Advanced" Search Page

To perform an advanced search, open the “SEARCH” Tab or perform a simple search and you will get to the search window.

You can add keywords and optionally select search term type, like Faces or Speech to Text to be searched. The search terms are all automatically performed with a logical “AND” operator.

The Date filter will filter the search on a date range based on the Published Date information we have received from our content partners.

The Tag field allows you to filter based on tags. You will find tags in the Metadata and on the right hand side “Content Information”area in the player view.

Click on Update to perform a search.

Search View within Content - Find exactly where your search term appears.

Once your query has been executed, you can explore the matching results within a clip. Just double click an item in the search result list under the “Search” tab to open the content player view.
If you open the tab “Clip Search” on the right hand side, you will find a list of the search results and matches within the clip. Click on any of the search results to jump to the right position in the player.
The player also highlights the search results in yellow on the player timeline to help you visualize the timecodes with the respective search matches.

Note: The thumbnails are footage from NASA’s copyright free library for test purposes. NASA is not a DARS or Memnon client and does not endorse any of its services.

How to view Content and how to use the player

Our player offers a wide range control of the play-back and control of the content. See the functions of the control buttons explained below.

You can also use the following keyboard hotkeys to control the player with your keyboard:

[SPACE] : Play/Pause

[ i ] -Key : Set TC In

[ o ] – Key: Set TC Out

[ , / Comma ] – Key: Go Frame backward

[ . / Dot ] – Key: Go Frame forward

[ ‘ / Apostrophe ] – Key: Replay from start

Mark In & Out Points in the Video for Basket and Boards

The selection/marking function is important for the use of Boards and Basket. It allows you to select relevant parts of the content you want to use for your project or that you wish to add into the basket for licensing.

Go to the starting point of your selection in the player timeline. You can use the Frame Forward / Backward buttons or keyboard shortcuts to navigate frame by frame until you find the right point. Once you have found the right IN-point, use the “Time Code IN” button and the blue indicator will be set for the starting point.

Repeat the same for the end point. Select then end point of your selection in the player timeline and then use the “Time Code OUT” button to set the blue indicator for the end point of your selection.

Viewing Information & Metadata (Tabs on the Right)

On the right hand side panel, you will find the metadata and information related to the video. From editorial information to content descriptions, notes and rights information, as well as information about the original format.

At the bottom of the information, you can also find the topic tags for the content.
This is useful when you filter and search for content.

Viewing Content Analytics and Information (Tabs at the Bottom)

On the bottom half of the content view, you will find the tabs with the various content specific analysis and information results.

You can browse the analysis results within the content in a timelined and thumbnail supported view. DARS AI activated content by the content partner/contributor is analysed using our AI processes and can be browsed and searched with AI support. Our analytics offers:

  • Face Analytics (People and Identities)
  • Visual Concept Analytics (like Objects or Patterns)
  • Speech to Text
  • Keyword Detection
  • Scene Segmentation

In addition, tagging and notes within content are under “Marks and Notes”.
Our recommendation engine uses the metadata, tags and AI analytics and calculates automatically a recommendation for additional content which you find under “Recommendations”.

What are Boards?

Imagine you work with others on a project like a documentary or ebook. Start by creating a project, select the clips/segments you find interesting while you browse and add them to your board.

Boards are like storyboards, and a simple and powerful way to explore, collect and organise clips for your project.

You can share boards with other registered DARS users and jointly work on projects. The comment function also allows you to discuss individual clips. Once complete, you can move the videos and clips into the basket and license or request high res comps to see how they fit in your production.

You find the boards on the dark blue top bar of the navigation next to the shopping cart icon.

How do I create a new Board?

You can add a new board by using the “Add Board” button on the bottom of the Left hand side Board list.

A new board will be added in your list of boards and appear on the Left hand side Board list. The default naming is “New Board #x”. You can rename your boards in the Board control when you open a board.

Add clips or delete clips in boards

Adding a clip: To add a clip to your board, you first need to mark up a timecode of the clip in the player view. See more under “View/Play and Mark up Videos”.

Click then on button “Add to Board” on the bottom right of the player control.

Delete a clip: Select the clip you want to delete in your board. Click on the button “Delete Clip” in the board control area.

Use comments for clips or change selected timecodes

Comments: You can add comments to clips in a board, even in shared boards if you have been given permission to comment by the owner of the board.

Time codes of clips in board: To change Time codes of a selected clip, you will see an overlay button called “Edit TC”. If you click on it, it will open the clip in the player. You can now set the TC In markers and TC Out markers in the player. In the Player Control area, you now find on the bottom right corner the button “Update on Board”. Click on “Update on Board” to change the new timecodes into the board. In shared boards, you need to have the permission to edit timecodes. If you do not have the permissions, the overlay button is not accessible.

Title of clips in board: The title of the clip in the board can be changed by hovering over the title area. The edit button will appear. Click on the button to edit the title of the clip. This will only change the title in your active board.

Board Control: Rename board, copy items, etc.

In the board control area, you will find all buttons to control a board.

Selecting Multiple Clips in a “Board”: You can also select multiple clips in a board for any control commands by pressing the [CTRL]-Key on your keyboard and clicking the clips you would like to select.

Sharing Boards with others and working together

You can share your board with users. The users need to be registered DARS users and you need to know their email-addresses. If you would like to invite users who are not registered DARS users, please ask them to register on DARS first as we do not send out external non-solicited invitation emails which may be classified as spams.

Click on the “Share Board” icon of the control buttons for your boards. You can share your board with other users and manage the users and their permissions for the current board.

As Board owner you can set and manage the permissions for the users, which include permission to add clips to the board, delete clips from the board, change timecodes of the selections and/or comment on the clips.

Add a clip or selection to Basket

You can add your timecode selection from the player view into the basket by using the “Add to Basket” button under the player controls. The default if you do not select any timecode markers will be the full clip.

Read here more about setting in and out point timecodes in a clip.

Add clips from my Board to Basket

You can add clips from your Boards to the Basket. Just select the clips (and if you want to select multiple clips, use [ CTRL ] plus click on the clip you want to select), and click on the Add to Basket button in the Board controls.

Edit Timecode selection in Basket

You can change the marked up time-code range for your clips in your basket in the Check Out page.

Over every item in the basket is an overlay button called “Edit TC“. By clicking the button, the clip will open the player with the selected TC in and TC out points set in the player. Change the time codes in the player control and click on “Update in Basket” on the bottom right of the player control area.

Note: The thumbnails are footage from NASA’s copyright free library for test purposes. NASA is not a DARS or Memnon client and does not endorse any of its services.

Delete from Basket

You can remove items from the basket via the basket popup window or on the checkout page.

On the check out page, you find underneath each clip a link to remove the clip. In the basket popup, you can use the “bin”-icon.

Check-Out Basket and Send Order Request

Please fill out your information and project information on the right side of the checkout form to proceed with order / quotation process.

As soon as all required fields are filled in, the Request Quote button becomes available.

We will provide you first with a free, no-obligation quote for your requested licensing scope and the titles.

Read more about the order process here.

Licensing is often complex. Even the popular royalty free footage often have caveats from single seat use to number of view restrictions.

Our approach is to bridge the interest of the creator with the interest of the licensee in the most effective way.

We start by offering for every license/order request a free non-obligation quote based on the selected use requirements you have and the type of content you have selected in your basket. You can subsequently decide whether to proceed with the order or discuss your project further with our team.

If you still have technical questions or need further help on how to use DARS, please contact our team by completing the contact form.

Which browsers can I use?

At this moment, DARS is only running on Chrome.

We are working to make it also run on other Chromium engine based browsers like Opera and Microsoft Edge, and we are also testing Apple Safari at this moment.

I'm getting a warning about my resolution. What does it mean?

For the optimal display use for the display of all information from the analytics, we recommend at least 1,280 pixel width of your screen resolution.

However, you can use DARS also at lower resolutions. The warning can be closed and has no further effect on the application.